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Travel Nurses Fill Empty Slots At Hospitals

Nurses are the backbone of the medical system. They are important caregivers in hospitals and other medical facilities. In those settings a patient may only see a doctor for a few minutes a day, but they will see their nurse frequently. That means that nurses are in high demand. If you are a nurse or want to be a nurse, you can really pick and choose where you want to live and work. If you have itchy feet and don't want to settle in one place, you can do that too. You can be a traveling nurse. 

What Is a Traveling Nurse?

A travel nurse is one that goes from place to place to fill temporary shortages. For example, a traveling nurse may go to a hospital and work for a few weeks to cover a maternity leave. Traveling nurses can also fill positions that the hospital can't afford to fill. That's because a traveling nurse is a contract employee vs. a full-time position. Traveling nurses are generally employed by an agency, and their benefits are paid by the agency, which actually saves the hospital money. 

What Are Some Benefits of Being a Traveling Nurse?

Working as a traveling nurse allows you to go out to places you've never been before and have always wanted to see. It also allows you to see where you actually want to live. You can spend a few weeks or months in one place before your contract runs out. When your time does run out you get to move to another area of the country. There is always a new adventure coming up. 

What Are Some Drawbacks of Being a Traveling Nurse?

One drawback is that it can be hard to make long-term plans. If you don't know where you are going to be in three months, it can be hard to plan to go back to visit family for things like holidays. Also, you really don't have a space to call your own. The traveling nurse agencies often have furnished apartments that they can let their nurses use while they are in a particular area. While that does give you some place to stay, it's not really your own place. 

Without nurses, good patient care would be impossible. That's why nursing can be a good career for people who are interested in it. Traveling nursing lets you not only provide necessary skills, it also lets you get out and experience different parts of the country. 

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