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Sending Your Shy Child To Preschool: What To Expect In A Facility

Having a shy child can be heartbreaking. You can feel like there is little you can do to help your little one come out of their shell. Preschool can be beneficial in helping your child learn how to interact with others, gain confidence, and become more comfortable in being away from you for a few hours at a time. When looking into a preschool center for your own child, here are a few things you can look out for.

Size of class

Your shy child will likely work best in a smaller classroom setting where there are less children to intimidate them, and they have a better chance of personal interaction with their teacher. Seek a preschool that has classrooms in smaller sizes, or one that has multiple teachers so your child can get the space and attention they need.


Encouraging your child to try something new is an excellent way to help build their confidence. Seek a preschool center that does a lot of activities, such as:

  • art
  • interactive play
  • sports
  • crafts
  • reading time

Most preschool centers offer activities that are learning-based. For your shy child, other activities that are just for fun and interaction will be beneficial to help them grow and learn to involve themselves in new situations. Seek a preschool center that has a fine balance of education and play so your shy child can have the distraction and interaction they need to help overcome their shyness.

Parental involvement

If your child is so shy they won't leave your side, going to preschool can feel like a nightmare for the both of you. You want to pick a preschool facility that understands your child's need to be near you, and yours to know your child is safe. The right preschool for your shy child will be one that will allow you to participate in their activities for a few weeks until your child feels confident they can go to class without you. As long as you don't interfere with the rest of the class, an understanding preschool should allow you to be part of your child's learning until you feel they are emotionally ready to stand on their own.

Just because you have a shy child doesn't mean they can't go to preschool like other more outgoing children. You just need to be a bit more selective about the types of preschool centers you choose. The right preschool will help your child succeed in becoming more confident with themselves as well as help you feel happier for your child.

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