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3 Tips for Passing Your Roofing Exam on the First Try

Taking and passing your roofing exam requires test-taking strategies similar to those used on other important certification tests, such as the GRE, teaching-license exams, or real-estate licensing exams. Succeeding will really come down to utilizing common test-preparation strategies and applying them to the situation at hand. Here are a few testing strategies you can apply to the roofing material you need to learn to pass your exam.

#1: Meet with Your Instructor

If you are taking a course to help you learn about the roofing industry and prepare for your certification, see whether your instructor holds office hours like a professor does or is willing to work with you outside of class. Throughout your class, meet with your instructor to go over any material that you are struggling to understand. Even if you are not struggling with anything, it can still be a good idea to meet with your instructor. Talking with an expert about the information that you are learning outside of the typical classroom setting can help you internalize the information. 

Discuss the upcoming exam with your instructor and see whether they have any specific tips or advice for you. They may be able to provide you with insight on what you should focus on studying based on what they know about your knowledge base as well as what they know about how the exam is structured.

#2: Study Every Day

The key to passing a licensing exam is to really internalize the information, which means that you are going to need to study every day. Licensing exams are generally designed to test your knowledge and have you apply it to real-life scenarios; they are not simply tests for which you just have to memorize the key terms like you might have experienced in high school.

In order to internalize the information, you need to study on a daily basis. That does not mean that you have to study for hours on end, but it does mean that you should look over the material as you go through roofing school and prepare for the exam on a daily basis. You can study in a different way each day. For example, you can the chapter you'll go over for class in the morning, and then the next day, you can go over, re-read, and re-write your notes. Then, the following day you can re-read the chapter again and write down what you understand differently now that the material has been presented in class. Your study sessions don't have to be long; multiple short sessions every day can help you more readily absorb the material. Your study sessions just need to be frequent.

#3: Take Practice Tests

Often, the best way to prepare for a test is by taking a test. Try to take a different practice test every week. Review the results from the practice test and identify the areas where you are strong and the areas that you need to improve on. Work on increasing your knowledge base in those areas before you take another practice test.

If there are not any practice tests available for the state you will be testing in, take other state's practice tests. Although the questions and formats may not be the same, taking other states' practice licensing tests will get you familiar with the testing format and will help you identify areas where you need to increase your knowledge base. 

The key to passing your roofing-license exam the first time is to take the learning and study time that you have seriously. Prepare for each class, talk to your instructor outside of class, review material on a daily basis, and practice using your knowledge as much as you can. Doing these things will help give you the knowledge base and the confidence you need to excel at your roofing exam .