Tips For Helping Your Child Get Into Daycare In A Highly Competitive Area

If you have a child and live in a large, crowded urban area, you might have noticed that there are a lot of two career homes that need to get their children into daycare and that there aren't enough daycares to go around. Here are some tips for helping your child get into a highly competitive daycare so that you can go to work with ease and so that your child can thrive. [Read More]

3 Tips for Passing Your Roofing Exam on the First Try

Taking and passing your roofing exam requires test-taking strategies similar to those used on other important certification tests, such as the GRE, teaching-license exams, or real-estate licensing exams. Succeeding will really come down to utilizing common test-preparation strategies and applying them to the situation at hand. Here are a few testing strategies you can apply to the roofing material you need to learn to pass your exam. #1: Meet with Your Instructor [Read More]

Vocational Training: Why Are Soft Skills Important?

What do you think of when you hear the words "vocational training"? Maybe you think of getting hands-on with an intricate auto engine or going high-tech and learning the sophisticated systems involved in computer programming. Yes, those are examples of technical programs. But, these aren't the only types of vocational courses of study available. Some programs focus more on soft skills, such as communication, customer service, and expected professional behavior in the workplace. [Read More]

Turning Flying Experience Into Aviation College Credit: Different Approaches And How It Is Done

Aviation colleges in different parts of the country spend a couple years training new pilots before the next set of new pilots begin their training. However, you can shorten that time between entering flight college and graduation by transferring prior flight experience. Here is how it is done.  Single Pilot Training and Licensing Individual pilots who are licensed have the ability to train others to become licensed pilots. This approach is quite common, and the flight records of how often you flew with your teacher and how often you flew solo are what you need to bring with you when you apply to an aviation college. [Read More]